Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Msical Fun (and other Random stuffs)

What up, everyone? Have you all heard that Superchick is going on tour? Check out their site for info.
Speaking of which, a really awesome band, Dizmas, recently broke up and their drummer is apparently going to Superchick. Check out Dizmas when you get the chance. I'm sure you can find them on iTunes.
Now, about Max...
The faxness blew me away.
Gazzy and Iggy have reached "the pinnacle of thier pyromania".
They all live in a deadly submarine.
Angel has turned into a scary little girl.
Nudge wants some of that good ol' book-learnin.
Jeb will be Jeb.
The Krelp make Gazzy jealous with industrial-streangth snot.

Sounds enteraining, eh?

PS: Nano now has a complete website! I'll put a link up. This blog will still be here and posting away, but now I have a larger chunk of the wonderful wide web.

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