Saturday, October 25, 2008

Rant, Rant, Rant.... Presidential Race

It's that time of year where everyone is biting their nails to see who will be our next president. I for one, am praying for McCain. Why? Well...

1. Obama is a Socialist.
2. Obama never directly answers a question.
3. Obama says he's a Christian, then, in the same interview, turns around and says he's an islam.
4. He left his church because there was a problem. Instead of fixing the problem, as his responsiblity as an elder of the church, he left his church, walking away from the problem. do you want a President that walks away from the problem?
5. Obama wants to bring the troops out of Iraq. I don't like the war, but if the troops leave, everything we've done over there will be undone. Alkida will come back, there'll be more attacks on the US, you get the picture.

Must the ranting continue? It's sad, but I think us kids should be able to vote. how can we trust adults to make the right decisions? It's OUR future they're voting for!


I've Been Thinking... Music

Have you ever heard a song that you though was horrible, but it's stuck in your head? How many of you have heard the horribley catchy tune of "I Kissed A Girl" by Katy Perry? I HATE, nay, Loath that song. Why do people listen to that junk? I mean, come on, is any of the music actually good? I've heard Soulja Boy, and I really don'y get what it's all about. Just sounds like every other rap song out there: crude, loud, and uncomprehensible. Can't hear the vulgar words over the booming of the sub woofer. It's JUNK. Total junk. So why listen to junk? you don't eat garbage, so why listen to that crap?

The Bible says that your body is a temple (I'll look up the passage later and post it, cuz I used for a school report). Think of it this way: If your boy is a temple, the music you listen to is the music played in God's temple. Do you think God wants to listen to Soulja Boy? I sure hope not!

Well, that's what I've been thinking. Now it's your turn.


One of Many

Ok, so, tonight, I will be posting like crazy. I will put up a new I've been thinking, or two, and I'm also starting a new "segment" called "Rant Rant Rant". Let's just leave it at thast, shall we?

Anyway, I just finished watching V for Vendetta. Awsome movie. The end is amazing. If you wish to see Big Ben Explode, I reccomend this movie.

I ran yesterday. My worst race ever. Not time wise, but still. I had an alergy attack, this med I have to take because my brother got some parasite (probably from the stupid cat) got me sick, and I screamed myself hoarse. Now my dad thinks I have strepp. *sigh* *cough* *hack*


Monday, October 13, 2008

So, I haven't posted all week. Wow. Um... Let's see... My friend mentioned in previous post is actually Pebbs.
Oh! That's it! I went to Revolve! It's a Christian Girls coference, and it is soooo much fun!!!! Go to to get tickets for next year!!!

I guess that's it. Not much to say....


PS: I'll have pics from revolve soon!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Rain, books, and Teddy bears.

It rained on Monday. It was a miracle sent by God!!!! Praise the Lord, it rained!!!! All things are possible with God!!!! Blue Jay and I danced around at lunch in the downpour. Emmie's brother, who I hang out with at luch because he hangs out with my friend Boing, (her hair is super curly) was going Meow, meow, every time a rain drop hit him. Annoying much. Apparently he does not like rain. Well, he lives in the right place. Seriousle, it felt like the end of Holes, you know, that movie with Shia LaBuff?

Anywho, I finished Brisingr. I need a new book. Maybe tomorrow I can go to Barnes and Noble... and Starbucks. :D

October 8th is National Bring your Teddy Bear To Work or School Day!!!!! Don't leave your Mr. Wuzzums at home on this monumental occasion!!!! Here's a teddy Emmie should give Hawk...