Saturday, October 25, 2008

I've Been Thinking... Music

Have you ever heard a song that you though was horrible, but it's stuck in your head? How many of you have heard the horribley catchy tune of "I Kissed A Girl" by Katy Perry? I HATE, nay, Loath that song. Why do people listen to that junk? I mean, come on, is any of the music actually good? I've heard Soulja Boy, and I really don'y get what it's all about. Just sounds like every other rap song out there: crude, loud, and uncomprehensible. Can't hear the vulgar words over the booming of the sub woofer. It's JUNK. Total junk. So why listen to junk? you don't eat garbage, so why listen to that crap?

The Bible says that your body is a temple (I'll look up the passage later and post it, cuz I used for a school report). Think of it this way: If your boy is a temple, the music you listen to is the music played in God's temple. Do you think God wants to listen to Soulja Boy? I sure hope not!

Well, that's what I've been thinking. Now it's your turn.



Steph said...

They actually play Solja Boy while we're running in PE. It makes me want to go run over and kick the stereo 'till it brakes. XD

But seriously, the music that a lot of people listen to has no hope. That's why when I show any of my friends Christian music, they LOVE it. They've finally found some music with meaning to it.

That's my thought.


ruby said...

i like a lot of secular music but those songs i -using your word- LOATH!

i like the tune of "i kissed a girl" but i hate the lyrics thus i didn't buy it.

and soulja boi; hate the song, know the dance, drives me insane

so yeah