Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Rain, books, and Teddy bears.

It rained on Monday. It was a miracle sent by God!!!! Praise the Lord, it rained!!!! All things are possible with God!!!! Blue Jay and I danced around at lunch in the downpour. Emmie's brother, who I hang out with at luch because he hangs out with my friend Boing, (her hair is super curly) was going Meow, meow, every time a rain drop hit him. Annoying much. Apparently he does not like rain. Well, he lives in the right place. Seriousle, it felt like the end of Holes, you know, that movie with Shia LaBuff?

Anywho, I finished Brisingr. I need a new book. Maybe tomorrow I can go to Barnes and Noble... and Starbucks. :D

October 8th is National Bring your Teddy Bear To Work or School Day!!!!! Don't leave your Mr. Wuzzums at home on this monumental occasion!!!! Here's a teddy Emmie should give Hawk...



Steph said...

Was Brsinger good? Like, it didn't suck?

All the magic's gone for me because i didn't like Eldest. :-\

So i guess i'll just miss out on whatever adventures await the heroic Eragon. *swoon*

XD as if

Pebbs said...

(The Eragon movie was so lame I think I'm going to cry right now at the mere mention of it...*sniffle)

WELL. My name is Pebbs, not Boing, that rain was amazing, and Danno has a name. ^^

You can call me PB for Pebbs Boing, and then people will further call me peanut butter, but as long as you call me Pebbs something I'll be happy. ^^

Pebbs said...

And Holes was a really good movie. The book was great.

Pebbs said...


Anyway, here's the link for Mavi. WE NEED YOU

Nano said...

Thanx, Pebbs. And I'm sorry, I haven't gotten on to edit it yet. I'll just leave it and change it in the next post. If I get on again, cuz it's dinner time...