Monday, October 13, 2008

So, I haven't posted all week. Wow. Um... Let's see... My friend mentioned in previous post is actually Pebbs.
Oh! That's it! I went to Revolve! It's a Christian Girls coference, and it is soooo much fun!!!! Go to to get tickets for next year!!!

I guess that's it. Not much to say....


PS: I'll have pics from revolve soon!!!


Steph said...

I got one of those wrist bands, and a HN IS MY BFF t-shirt!

You get any of those?

Kim said...

omg! im going to the Revolve Tour in Oklahoma! its going to be awesome caus im goin on a road trip w/ all my friends! :)

Pebbs said...

Random comment, but I read like half of Go Ask Alice. Very interesting book. My mom kinda freaked out though, because she picked it up and read a bunch and commanded me to never pick it up again. ^^ I really want to just give that poor girl a hug and tell her that Jesus loves her!!!!!!

Well. Much thanks for getting my name right. Hope to see you on Mavi. ^^ I am finally getting on right now!