Friday, November 21, 2008

OMG!!!! SNOW!!!!

Today was sooo fun. The eighth graders came over to the high school and there was a BBQ. Emmie and I ran around the campus cuz we were sooo hyper. I was so happy, cuz all my eighth graders were there and we hung out. I went to give one a hug, and she hadn's seen me yet, so I hugged her, and she turned and said "Hi, Nano." Then...
She did a double take and screeched. "NANO!!!!"
Soooooo Funny.
Well, anyway, there wa a tub full of ice for the drinks, and after school, all the ice got dumped out. When I saw it, I tapped Jay on the shoulder, and pointed. Then at the same time we screamed "SNOW!" and pelted for the ice. Pebbs caught up and was like, "Wow..."



Sunday, November 16, 2008

Just Another Ho-hum Boring Day

I do realize that I haven't posted in forever, but high school is insane. No, really, my freinds and I have a joint appointment with a shrink tomorrow. Hehe, jk. Well, here's some news:
~Cross Country is over. *cries*
~It's not getting cold during the day yet. It's freezing in the moring though.
~Don't ask me what happened to Emmie. She dropped off the face of the earth. Her bunny-cat, Shay, is getting bigger! He's sooo cute!!!!
~I got sixth in my last race for CC!!
~Our school won our league for the 17th year in a row. Whoot whoot.
~I've writing my story again! Stay tuned!
~I've ran out of things.

Well, thanks Seth, for encouraging me to write. It makes me happy that Steph's going crazy cuz I haven't posted. :D
Isn't this a nice picture?