Saturday, September 27, 2008

One small step for me...

One large blister on my foot.

Today, I had a cross country meet. My foot iches from the blisters. I'm so sore. I can't imagine how bad it'll be tomarrow. Ugh. Anyway, I did pretty good. 28 minutes flat for three miles. With hills. Steep hills. *rubs foot* I'm sooo tired. I'm going to take a nap.


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Musical road

today after church, my family and I went and drove on a raod in town, known as musical road. It has groves in it, so if you drive over it, it plays william tell's overchure. Sooo cool. Then we went to cosco and I got Brisingr!!!!! YAY!!!

Here's a neat pic:


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Behind the insanity...

Ok, so that pic in the last post was wierd, right? Well, here's how that picture came to be: Baz and I were sitting around after youth class, and I started sketching out a picture for my art class that I had taken on my mom's camera to draw. *Takes breath* Anyway, Baz asked if I was drawing a penguin, then took the paper and drew a penguin. Then I drew a penguin. Then, well, that happened. We were laughing our heads off. Each little dootle has a story. Fred has a mohawk and is doing ballet while being chased by pacman. One of the penguins had a corndog stand, until phil's lollypop lit it on fire. Stuff like that. Wow. um.... hey, I like that. BEHIND THE INSANITY....... sweet new blog title, perhaps????


Oh the insanity....

Just something me and my friend BAZ-you remember him?- cooked up.

Don't even ask.


I'm back.

This is the first of a couple of posts this night. First of all: I'm back. Just in case you're reading this and I need to tell you that. Well, I had a wonderful time. Mi madre and I went to Eldorado National Forest. Never stay at Bear River Lake Resort. Can I say ewww.... Anywho, We took pictures:

Yes, that is me, being emo in the pink hood. It was windy. Well, I have a very, er, interesting pic for you all coming up soon. hopefully tonight. And at least one Thinker. Remember those? It's been a while since I've done one. The subjects: 'Art' and 'Music'.


Friday, September 5, 2008

High School

The first week of high school. Wow. No, I did not get thrown in a trash can. I go to a christian school people. Hello. No, we had HIGH SCHOOL CONNECTION. Huffah!!!! We had chapel on tuesday, Wednsday, and Today, by this really good speaker who was AWSOME. Wednsday their was a pancake breakfast, and all week was the MELON OLYMPICS.Today, their was a watermelon eating contest. I ate half a water melon. The seniors won. *sigh* But freshmen got the SPIRIT POINTS!!!!!! Whoot!!!! All in all, high school's pretty cool. I don't see why people make a big deal about it. A different campus. Big woop. Harder classes. That's different from last year how? Anyway, I'm doing cross country, and guess what happened? (For those of you who guessed, "I ran", you will recieve this. ~*~ (OMG, how'd you guess?!?!) <---That is the Blonde award. Of course I ran. Dur. No, we were running along, dododo, and in town, there are telephone poles, with cables and such. Some of the cables come down to the ground and underground. I RAN INTO THE CABLE. My neck stings, and it looks like I have a hickey. Oh boy. o.O So, yeah, and I won't be posting next week. i'll tell why when I get back.


PS: Attached are so pics. One I drew, the other is of Clover the Demon Kitty.

Monday, September 1, 2008


I went to my cousins yesterday, and got some information about the upcomeing movie: Twilight. (Ruby and Steph, you'll luv this!)
So, the movie got bumped up to Nov. 21!!! Yay!!!! Anyway, on youtube, there is a teaser from the movie called "Twilight Extended Ballet studio scene" or something along those lines. You might have to look for it. It starts when our Heroine, Bella, walks into the ballet studio, and ends... well, yuo'll see. But if it doesn't start with Bella walking in, it's not this one. By the way, the guy they got to play Edward looks better in this scene than in the movie poster. *fans self* The movie poster did him no justice. Also, the guy playing James, although rather older-looking, is, dare I say it? Very good looking. But Edward was.... *continues to fan self*


PS: I start High School tomarrow!!! I also posted a teaser chapter for my story, Gifted, on my other blog.