Monday, September 1, 2008


I went to my cousins yesterday, and got some information about the upcomeing movie: Twilight. (Ruby and Steph, you'll luv this!)
So, the movie got bumped up to Nov. 21!!! Yay!!!! Anyway, on youtube, there is a teaser from the movie called "Twilight Extended Ballet studio scene" or something along those lines. You might have to look for it. It starts when our Heroine, Bella, walks into the ballet studio, and ends... well, yuo'll see. But if it doesn't start with Bella walking in, it's not this one. By the way, the guy they got to play Edward looks better in this scene than in the movie poster. *fans self* The movie poster did him no justice. Also, the guy playing James, although rather older-looking, is, dare I say it? Very good looking. But Edward was.... *continues to fan self*


PS: I start High School tomarrow!!! I also posted a teaser chapter for my story, Gifted, on my other blog.


CeceliaRose said...

I know! Isn't that awesome? Yeah, James is! But no one cam compare to Edward! He's just plain sexy! LMAO :D

ruby said...

im happy that twilight got moved but im mad that harry potter got bumped up to july 09.

in the posters he looks terrible. but robert pattinson looks so good in that trailer.

Bluemaster said...

bother! HI RUBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Someone who stalks you

Steph said...

Wait, you stalk ruby? Awkward...


OMGOSH!!! Yaaaay!!!