Sunday, September 14, 2008

Behind the insanity...

Ok, so that pic in the last post was wierd, right? Well, here's how that picture came to be: Baz and I were sitting around after youth class, and I started sketching out a picture for my art class that I had taken on my mom's camera to draw. *Takes breath* Anyway, Baz asked if I was drawing a penguin, then took the paper and drew a penguin. Then I drew a penguin. Then, well, that happened. We were laughing our heads off. Each little dootle has a story. Fred has a mohawk and is doing ballet while being chased by pacman. One of the penguins had a corndog stand, until phil's lollypop lit it on fire. Stuff like that. Wow. um.... hey, I like that. BEHIND THE INSANITY....... sweet new blog title, perhaps????



Steph said...


I do those all the time

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