Friday, September 5, 2008

High School

The first week of high school. Wow. No, I did not get thrown in a trash can. I go to a christian school people. Hello. No, we had HIGH SCHOOL CONNECTION. Huffah!!!! We had chapel on tuesday, Wednsday, and Today, by this really good speaker who was AWSOME. Wednsday their was a pancake breakfast, and all week was the MELON OLYMPICS.Today, their was a watermelon eating contest. I ate half a water melon. The seniors won. *sigh* But freshmen got the SPIRIT POINTS!!!!!! Whoot!!!! All in all, high school's pretty cool. I don't see why people make a big deal about it. A different campus. Big woop. Harder classes. That's different from last year how? Anyway, I'm doing cross country, and guess what happened? (For those of you who guessed, "I ran", you will recieve this. ~*~ (OMG, how'd you guess?!?!) <---That is the Blonde award. Of course I ran. Dur. No, we were running along, dododo, and in town, there are telephone poles, with cables and such. Some of the cables come down to the ground and underground. I RAN INTO THE CABLE. My neck stings, and it looks like I have a hickey. Oh boy. o.O So, yeah, and I won't be posting next week. i'll tell why when I get back.


PS: Attached are so pics. One I drew, the other is of Clover the Demon Kitty.


Mates Dates said...

hi hi~ Just leaving footpirnts in the sand ^.^ hehe..

Steph said...


because i'm Big Foot

(_)|<==just so you know, that's a
_\\| foot

But that's not cool that you're leaving. Sad day. *tear streaks*