Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Anime part two

Here's part two:




Check out these cool pic I found:

Aren't they awsome? I still have more. I can only put up five though, so I'll have an anime part two. See ya!!!


Monday, May 19, 2008


a poem, by Nano

I watch from the sidelines,
hidden in shadow.
You know my name,
but you don't know me.

You know me as a person,
a blob of mass,
yet you don't know me,
who watches from the sidelines.

I watch you from the sidelines,
and have discovered truth.
The true meaning of love,
is letting you go.

I know you'll never love me,
but I still hope you do.
As I watch from the sidelines,
I can only hope.

See, I have a poetic soul. I'm just really confused right now about... a lot of things. so if you think you can help, tell me and we'll talk on your blog, cuz some stuff is left where people who really know you can see. no offense Emmie.

Anyway, I'm starting a new blog where all my stories will be posted as I write them. And don't think of stealing them. I hand write EVERYTHING I write. Anyway, so I'll post the title of the story as the subject of the post, and then the chapter or whatever of it. Well, enjoy your new poetic Nano.


Friday, May 16, 2008


Tonight, when Emmie is back from outdoor Ed, we will be going to our nearby Mulligan's Family Fun Center for our Youth Fellowship Night. All our friends from youth group are going, including Emmie's "boyfriend", Hawk, Gilligan, and Hawk's best friend, Boy-who-steals-my-hatz(B.A.Z.) I really don't like it when he steals my hats.

Pheonix: Ahem. Off subject.

Me: Whatever. Anyway, we will enjoy fabulous games, lazer tag, a rock wall, go-karts, bumper-boats, and miniature golf. And after a roasing cup of cherry I-cee, we will go hyper and run around like ccomplete and total nim-rods.

Pheonix: Heck yes!!!!

Me: Pheonix likes to listens to us running like nimrods. She tends to trip us.


PS: If you have any funny icons that have no profanity in them, *such as bad words, sexual meanings, etc.(icons about love, such as the feeling are ok)*please place them within your comments. Thanks a lot!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Stupid Parents

I hate my parents right now. They put all this stress on me to, “get all straight A’s” and “’Do all your work correctly” and “Don’t get any problems wrong on your math” and I feel like I’m going to explode. I have Four projects due all at the end of this week, and my mom keeps calling me from my work saying, “oh, you need to get this grade up,” or, “Why’d you get a c on this paper?”. I only have one question: HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO DO MY PROJECTS WITH YOU INTERUPTING ME EVERY 5 MINUTES?!?!
Gawd, the stupid science fair stuff is due Tuesday, I have a project due in computers on Friday, I have a history project due next Friday, AND an English poetry project due Next week. It’s like none of the teachers are aware of what the other teachers are doing. And on top of that, my history teacher gave us a twenty-page packet due Thursday, and a ten page packet, also due Thursday, and we still have to do our presentations from the project LAST week, and a history test next week. Then we have a bible test next week, a science test the week after that.


Well, you probably figured you won’t be hearing from me for a while, so, I guess, I’ll talk to you guys later.


Friday, May 9, 2008

So very true.

Today, I had a large strawberry surfrider from jamba juice. To honor the ocasion of finishing my first large size jamba, I have posted this icon. Enjoy!


I've been thinking... Trees

Have you ever been to the forest? I don't meem the pine bark beetle infested forests of Southern California in the San Gabiel Mountains. I mean the Largest living thing on earth trees up in northern california, in Sequoia, Kings Canyon, and Yosemite National Parks. The Red woods up north, past Sacramento are nice too, but nothing beats the good ol' Sequoia. I mean, just look at this picture. It's huge. Their root systems support their huge volumes, even though they go only a few feet into the earth. The largest of them, the General Sherman Tree, has a volume of 52.500 cubic feet. That's a pretty big tree. But with their large volumes and shallow root systems, you'd think these babies would be topplin' over left and right. But they're not. You see, God designed them so that they grow in groves. You say, how could that make a difference? Well, the groves cut down wind resistance, making them less likely to fall over. And remember thoes root systems mentions earlier? Well, the roots intertwine with each other, so it's never one tree fighting, it's the entire grove resisting.
Just like Christians. We're never alone. The christian church is one body, designed to work together, to hold each other up, so we have a shoulder to lean on during the pot-hold road of our walk with God, who loves us enough to give us... each other.

I've been thinking, and now it's your turn. Think about it.


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Snip snip

I totally just cut up my favorite sweater to make it short-sleeved. Now, if my mom lets me, I'll get some green ribbon and thread it through the sides.

There is this girl at my school, and we were like, best friends in sixth grade. I don't COMPLETELY trust her, and now I feel bad about it, cuz she trusts me with her secret. Which i'd say, because it's stupid that she doesn't want anyone to know, but whatever. Also, there's this girl in my math class, who, I don't really get along with, bu tshe had these blackish-red markings on her wrists. I thought they were scabs from, uh, cutting. So I told a friend whose good friends with said girl about it cuz I was worried about said girl, then she told secretive girl from above, who started a rumor of said girl, and now I feel like I started the rumor, although it was TOTALLY an accident, because they turned out to be PEN MARKS, and now said girls best friend said she's gonna beat up whoever started said rumor. And trust me, she's not big, she's short, kinda chunky, but healthy chunky, not like, annorexic, (eww) and wears a shirt that says, "I'm not short, I'm fun-size", if that tells you anything. But she's still tough.

Please, help me!!!