Monday, May 19, 2008


a poem, by Nano

I watch from the sidelines,
hidden in shadow.
You know my name,
but you don't know me.

You know me as a person,
a blob of mass,
yet you don't know me,
who watches from the sidelines.

I watch you from the sidelines,
and have discovered truth.
The true meaning of love,
is letting you go.

I know you'll never love me,
but I still hope you do.
As I watch from the sidelines,
I can only hope.

See, I have a poetic soul. I'm just really confused right now about... a lot of things. so if you think you can help, tell me and we'll talk on your blog, cuz some stuff is left where people who really know you can see. no offense Emmie.

Anyway, I'm starting a new blog where all my stories will be posted as I write them. And don't think of stealing them. I hand write EVERYTHING I write. Anyway, so I'll post the title of the story as the subject of the post, and then the chapter or whatever of it. Well, enjoy your new poetic Nano.



ruby said...

wow that was pretty good poem. whats your url for you other blog

Steph said...

Ha. Story of my life.

And nice poetism (cannot spell XD)
I like it.

Nano said...

I don't have the other blog up yet. It'll take a while.