Friday, May 16, 2008


Tonight, when Emmie is back from outdoor Ed, we will be going to our nearby Mulligan's Family Fun Center for our Youth Fellowship Night. All our friends from youth group are going, including Emmie's "boyfriend", Hawk, Gilligan, and Hawk's best friend, Boy-who-steals-my-hatz(B.A.Z.) I really don't like it when he steals my hats.

Pheonix: Ahem. Off subject.

Me: Whatever. Anyway, we will enjoy fabulous games, lazer tag, a rock wall, go-karts, bumper-boats, and miniature golf. And after a roasing cup of cherry I-cee, we will go hyper and run around like ccomplete and total nim-rods.

Pheonix: Heck yes!!!!

Me: Pheonix likes to listens to us running like nimrods. She tends to trip us.


PS: If you have any funny icons that have no profanity in them, *such as bad words, sexual meanings, etc.(icons about love, such as the feeling are ok)*please place them within your comments. Thanks a lot!!!

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Steph said...

How the bloody to you get pictures on comments?