Sunday, November 16, 2008

Just Another Ho-hum Boring Day

I do realize that I haven't posted in forever, but high school is insane. No, really, my freinds and I have a joint appointment with a shrink tomorrow. Hehe, jk. Well, here's some news:
~Cross Country is over. *cries*
~It's not getting cold during the day yet. It's freezing in the moring though.
~Don't ask me what happened to Emmie. She dropped off the face of the earth. Her bunny-cat, Shay, is getting bigger! He's sooo cute!!!!
~I got sixth in my last race for CC!!
~Our school won our league for the 17th year in a row. Whoot whoot.
~I've writing my story again! Stay tuned!
~I've ran out of things.

Well, thanks Seth, for encouraging me to write. It makes me happy that Steph's going crazy cuz I haven't posted. :D
Isn't this a nice picture?


Steph said...


:) Welcome back!

Oh, and I see you've met Seth. We can just say that he and I will be sharing office space. *taps head*

Seth said...

*shoves steph off chair*

ruby said...

yeah your back!

I like the pic. its really cool

Nano said...

He's VERY good looking... *drool*

ruby said...

kind of like taylor lautner only hes taylor's real

Kim said...

that pic is sweet. hes kinda cute :) i havent checked ur blog 4 a while but i caught up on everything:)missed talking 2 u.