Friday, November 21, 2008

OMG!!!! SNOW!!!!

Today was sooo fun. The eighth graders came over to the high school and there was a BBQ. Emmie and I ran around the campus cuz we were sooo hyper. I was so happy, cuz all my eighth graders were there and we hung out. I went to give one a hug, and she hadn's seen me yet, so I hugged her, and she turned and said "Hi, Nano." Then...
She did a double take and screeched. "NANO!!!!"
Soooooo Funny.
Well, anyway, there wa a tub full of ice for the drinks, and after school, all the ice got dumped out. When I saw it, I tapped Jay on the shoulder, and pointed. Then at the same time we screamed "SNOW!" and pelted for the ice. Pebbs caught up and was like, "Wow..."




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ruby said...

omg. thats funny.

i saw the movie i loved it but i hated it all at the same time!!!

have you seen it?

Anonymous said...

Twilght: a vampire lust story. Can u get more gross?
Just one crystals humble opinion, no offense?