Saturday, October 25, 2008

Rant, Rant, Rant.... Presidential Race

It's that time of year where everyone is biting their nails to see who will be our next president. I for one, am praying for McCain. Why? Well...

1. Obama is a Socialist.
2. Obama never directly answers a question.
3. Obama says he's a Christian, then, in the same interview, turns around and says he's an islam.
4. He left his church because there was a problem. Instead of fixing the problem, as his responsiblity as an elder of the church, he left his church, walking away from the problem. do you want a President that walks away from the problem?
5. Obama wants to bring the troops out of Iraq. I don't like the war, but if the troops leave, everything we've done over there will be undone. Alkida will come back, there'll be more attacks on the US, you get the picture.

Must the ranting continue? It's sad, but I think us kids should be able to vote. how can we trust adults to make the right decisions? It's OUR future they're voting for!



Steph said...

He's also a baby killer. He said that if a baby (during an abortion) is born alive, to kill it. WHO KILLS A LIVING BABY??

Heartless maniac I tell you.

He's also, like, the youngest president we've ever had, and has no experience in office. He gave two speaches. TWO SPEACHES.

And then he's for abortion...

Seth said...

I just think he's a butt-head.

ruby said...

like all the under age voters i know are all for mccain. i hate obama. but im not a big fan of mccain either but i think mccain is a lesser of two evils.

thats opinion anyways

Anonymous said...

Talk to those you know, over 18, and registered to vote, how you feel about McCain and Obama and all the other issues as well.

Kim said...

im with what seth said...there are so many reasons Obama shouldnt be president and hes just a loser anyways! sometimes it seems like kids know stuff better than the adults.

Seth said...

hey, nano? did you get a facebook or something, 'cause you're never on anymore. :(

steph gets lonely and won't shut up.

and what ever happened to emmie?