Saturday, August 29, 2009


There's dark clouds in my sky, or is that smoke passing me by?
Tonight will I dance in the rain, or run through hot ashes in pain?
Will everything wash away tonight, leaving me clean,
Or is the more for me to endure?
I don't know the answers, only the questions,
And now, they're driving me crazy.

So, I wrote this poem mainly because of all the smoke that's floating around. We get really bad wild fires out here, and the sky is totally blanketed.
Anywho, I start school in a week. I miss my friends so bad. But I'll see some of them at the concert next Sunday, and Facebook's saving my butt.
I really have nothing to post about, exept for Cross Country Camp. We went, we ran. We made a rap too, and shirts. Sadly the shirt's bleed, so we can't wash them. I put mine in "The Box." It's a box of random memory stuff.
Speaking of boxes, I've missed everyone's birthdays. *sigh* So I'm making brownies for the first day of school.
I guess that's it. I wish other people would post. Steph's fallen off the face of the earth. o.0
Or was kidnapped to Arabia by Ninja Monkeys...

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