Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Extreme Weather

So, I'm just posting real quick before I go jump in the shower and then off to bed, but I just finished up my current event assignment for history and thought, "What the Hey."
So, here I am.
Getting a little stressed out because I'm tired from Cross Country and I don't think I'm sleeping well. So it's getting hard to concentrate on homework after practice.
But I shall survive!!! *Bursts ramdomly into song*
I feel like sharing my CC schedule of what we've done this week so far and why I'm amazed I'm not sick.
Saturday: We had a meet. I recieved 35th out of 87, and the #1 spot for the JV team. I'm also offically on Varsity training now. (Darn.....)
Sunday: Rest up.
Monday: Very cold and overcast. Some of us met by the "river" and ran along it for awhile, then we turned around and had hot cocoa back at the cars.
Tuesday: Ran up in the hills. In the rain. We were all pretty much soaked by the time practice was over. But for some reason, rain just makes everyrhing more fun.
Today: We had PSAT's, I have a killer headache now, and I need to go to bed. So goodnight.
Seeing as everyone else has died...... how depressing..... I'm all alone...... Steph?.... Ruby?.... Seth?.... They all died, I guess. Oh well. G'night, people who are dead.

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Steph said...

I'm back - Years older and with a new blog. Warning: I grew up, so things will be different.