Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Years

Happy New Years. Bladdy blah. You get the point.

I went to Emmie's for New Years. (No, she is NOT dead. Just not part of wonderful blogging community anymore) Movie marathon (we never did actually finish a whole movie) pictonary, Martinelli's (Love that junk), you get the point. I took a couple of pictures with my new DIGITAL CAMERA. I named it Harvi. He is red. Anyway, I took pictures of Emmie's cat, Shay. And a video. I'll put it up soon. (Cuz I can do that now, ya know.) We also may a video of Emmie trying to open a glass bottle of Orange Crush. (How come twist off bottle caps are so hard to get off?) Well, anywho, the video has "What is This Feeling" from the broadway musical Wicked. It's really funny.

Other pictures I've taken with Harvi include:
A picture of my dad's feet
our cat, Clover, in the tree (about three of these)
Two pictures of our fire the other night
A minute and a half video of the said fire
a video of my dog
a video of Clover playing with a bell

So, yeah. Then today, Emmie and I went to see "The day the earth stood still". Honestly, don't waste your money. It was really... rushed. The effects were good. THe plot... eh. But it was rushed.

This is a really long post. Ah, oh well. Pictures soon, 'kay?


Kim said...

omg!! hey i never talk 2 u anymore! mostly caus i hang out on maximum-x now. if u have a user name on it give it to me caus i wuld luv to add u as my friend. if u dont have one get one! im sorta thinking about deleting my blog becaus i never have time to post on it. well cant wait to hear from you! ttyl :D

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