Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nano-Byte's Back Online!!! (Shoop da Whoop!)

I'm back!!! Thank you, thank you! No, aplause, just throw Forever 21 and Max Rave gift cards!!!

So, what kept me from the wonderful wide web? GRADES! *duh dun dun* I had two low c's.

Now, what have it been doing without the computer? Writing, of course! And reading. And don't forget getting my grades up. :)
I took lots of pictures, had a wonderful birthday on March 14 with all me buds, went shopping, got MAX (the faxness!!! O.O!) and the max ride manga. Emmie had a party at a local theme park. What else..... I CAN'T REMEMBER!!!!

Well, I'm gonna end this little party. But keep in mind that the first aniversary of Liveit.Loveit.Dealwithit. is THIS MONTH!!!!!! SQUEE!!!!!

Yours (wishing to be) featherly,~


Seth said...

Awesome! One year, huh? Be sure to check out my blog, i'm posting some information about the end times and the Antichrist!


Carrie said...

Happy Birthday!
*sings the silly Beatles birthday song*
What do you think of MAX?

☽ruby☾ said...

YOUR BACK!!!! YEAH!!!!!!