Thursday, July 30, 2009

Not so Hot

So hey everyone. Sorry there hasn't been a real post in forever. Hopefully you noticed that the blog got a face lift. Again. (If you didn't, I highly suggest visisting your optomotrist. And do us all a favor and have some one ELSE drive you there.) Ugh. I'm sorry. I'm really just not feeling well. I'm supposed to be packing for yearbook camp. (And family camp, and a PIT project. This means I won't be back until August 15.) Anayway, I am a little nervous. I have realized I have a problem.
Usually, I am outgoing. But I find that at yearbook I just sit there. At least when I go to church camp I have at least one close friend. But I seriously feel alone here. And it bugs me, because I KNOW I'm not being myself. I'm just being... there. Which I bet isn't appritiated by everyone else.
So this is my problem: I can do anything as long as I have something familiar around me. So, I'm hoping that the whole camp thing helps my problem. Because I noticed that it was harder for me to be part of the team in cross country last year because I didn't get to go to CC Camp. (But I get to this year. Yay!) So I'd like for you guys to pray for me, so that I don't do something ridiculous that ticks everyone off. And that I get over this un-Nanoiness. (un-Nano-i-ness, just in case that looked wierd to you. I think it's fun to say. :P) And that I just get it in my head that God's with me.
On a happier note...
Emmie and I had a great time at the beach and did not drift out to sea. That would be bad. Although, I did briuse my rib when a particularly huge wave crashed over my head in a torrent of water, dirt, and kelp. (Eew!) There was a moment when I couldn't close my eyes and the murky brown dirt-filled water turned black. I think I rolled and then I smacked into the beach on my side. So it still hurts to stretch. But not too bad. (More like that pain you get when you need to crack your knee.) Emmie and I built... Moundhenge.
I must go now. And pack. I am the world's slowest packer.
PS: Shout out to Emmie and her folding in thirds. I folded my pants in thirds and they fir in my bag sooo much better. Luv ya!


Kendra Logan said...

I don't know what the blog used to look like, but I love the way it looks now!


Nano said...

Thanks. It's like, the third renovation since I made it.