Sunday, June 22, 2008

Can you say bored?

so yeah, i'm surfing the internet, working on my book, watching "Master of Disguise", AND chatting with Emmie on e-mail. Mainly I'm bored because... drumroll...


Because all my series I'm reading have not come up with another book.

I finished Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer, and Breaking dawn comes out August second.

I finished Seekers: the quest begins by Erin Hunter. Great Bear lake release date to be determined.

I finished Warriors: Power of Three- Outcast by Erin Hunter. Warriors: Power of Three- Eclipse release date to be determined.

I finished Firestar by Chris De'Lacey. Next book (forgot title) out in germany. No release date for America yet.

I finished Eldest by Christopher Paolini. Brisingr released in september-november. (again, forgot)

I finished Maximum Ride: The Final Warning by James Paterson. I don't think he's writing another one.

You can see my dillema? I keep trying to get The host by Stephanie Meyer, but I can't find it. So, if you have any recomendations, I'm all ears.

While we are talking about books, I thought I'd mention how OBSESSED girls at my school are about Twilight, New Moon, and Eclispe. One girl made her best friend sign a contract that no harm would come to New Moon while she borrowed it, and that if harmed in any way, she's buy her a new one. o.0 wow.

Ok, back to working on my story. I'm just editting now, so Chapter one should be up on my other blog shortly!!!



Emmie said...

Try Project 17. Cussing aside it's a pretty good book. Not as good as I expected it to be but good.


Nano said...

Um... do you own it? cuz I could borrow it. :D