Thursday, June 26, 2008


I posted the prelude and the first chapter of my story on my other blog, so check it out.

I got Superchick's new CD, Rock What You Got yesterday. It's already on my I-tunes and I-pod. Check it out, cuz it rox. You can get it at your nearby christain bookstore.

I found the book, The Fire Eternal by Chris D'Lacey, at Barnes and Noble yesterday. It's the one mentioned in my previous post that I couldn't remember the title of and is out in Germany. I didn't know it was out. I bought it, and am almost done.

I finally saw Prince Caspian today. I liked it. A lot. I suguest reading the series.

I also saw Get Smart on Friday. That was funny. I suguest trying to find the original sereies from the sixties on tv or buying the box set of all the seasons.

I guess that's all. An update of my incredibly BORING summer. Well, now it's time for dinner. I'm having a delicious potato cassorole with ham, cheese, green onions, and maniose. YUM!!!!


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