Monday, December 22, 2008

Countdown Till Christmas: 2 more days!!!

Well, I haven't posted in like, a week. (Le gasp!) So, anywho, I'm just gonna do a list and hope you can keep up, k?

1)Last wednsday my mom had a car accident. THankfully no one was hurt, but the damage to the car was too much. We currently have a rental while my parents search for a new car.
2)I stayed home sick on tuesday, then went to school on Wed. only to stand around waiting for then to announce if school was closed due to the fact that, while the wonderful snow falling from the sky was sticking at my house, it wasn't sticking in town. Not till 7:45 am. so, we had a snow day Wed, Thurs, and Fri! We had 12 inches at my house!
3)I got the new BarlowGirl CD! "Home for Christmas"? Yeah. Anyway, we were in the rental yesturday on the way to church, and I was reading. I resurfaced from my book long enough to listen to the first song. I thought we were on my mom's christmas station, and I thought, "Hey, this sounds like BarlowGirl, hmmm, I didn't think they'd play Christian artists on this station." And then a little while later, my mom throws back the CD case and I was like, "Hmmm, I guess it was them." Really quite sad on my part, really.

Merry Christmas!


Seth said...

i like barlow girl. i may be a guy, but i like barlow girl.

but only the hard rock ones. like 'grey' and 'five minutes of fame'. the slow ones make me twitchy.

i'm sorry about your mom! it's a very good thing she didn't die!

ruby said...

ahhh!!! dont remind me its almost xmas!! ugh!!

Pebbs said...

Barlowgirl is a greaaaat band.

Christmas time is here.

Time to remember that one day, which was probably in April, during which God... the same God who made the stars in the sky and the cells in our fingers... shrank down to be a human being on Earth so he could save us psychotic and desperately lost humans from ourselves.

Such a fun time.

Pebbs said...

AND I WILL BE PRAYING FOR YOUR MOM TO FIND A CAR. I am so glad she's okay!!!