Friday, December 5, 2008

Straight Circles, Splodgeball, and other random things.

so, yesterday at lunch, I went to Blue Jay's locker with her, and she was trying to draw a picture of a stick person, right? So, she was drawing the head and I was yabbering on about Splodgeball, and she was like, "Shut up! I can't concentrate! I'm trying to draw a straight circle!" I stopped, looked at her, and said with a straight face,"A straight circle?" "Yes, a straight circle," she said, not realizing what she's saying. I repeated myself, and she nodded. Then we go outside, and five minutes later, I was like,"Seriously, a straight circle?" She looked at me, asked, "what?" I looked at her and she burst out laughing. "I GET IT!!!" She howled. IT TOOK HER FIVE MINUTES!!! YOU CAN'T DRAW STRAIGHT CIRCLES!!! CIRCLES AREN'T STRAIGHT!!!

Now, what is splodgeball, you ask? It is a game Blue Jay and I had created before the straight circle incident. It is a cross between dodgeball and soccer. You have to dodge the ball unless you hit it with your head or hips. The ball is covered in jam, and everyone wheres funny hats. :D


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Pebbs said...

Circles are straight. Do not question the logic of Blue. ^^