Friday, June 12, 2009

Awesome award. And crazy summer weather and wackiness.

Seth tagged me. Actually, Ruby tagged me when I was grounded back in December, but whatever.

And the rules are- list 7 things that make you ah-some then give the award to seven awsome bloggers. Well, here I go...

The seven things that make me awesome

1) Jesus Christ.

2) My great friends.

3) This blog

4) My shortness

5) The fact that I run Cross Country

6) Because I'm on yearbook.

7) My tonedeftness

And I tag...


So, maybe you're all wondering what's up? Or maybe you're wondering what I've been up to? Or maybe you are wondering why hot dogs come in packages of ten and the buns in packages of eight. I can't answer that last question, but I can answer the last two.

Since my last post, we had finals, which I did great on, school got out, Emmie became a freshman and I went to her graduation and out to dinner with her and Blue Jay and Emmie's family, made yearbook for next year, and convinced my parents to let me get my second and third piercings on my ear. But the third is only one my left ear. Oh, and I'm now stranded in the middle of nowhere again. At least this time, I have a theme song. Look up "Too much time on my hands" by Stix.

Some video's for you to watch when shrouded with boredom-


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