Wednesday, June 17, 2009

No Specific Title 'cause we're too lazy to think of one

Ello! This is Emmie speaking!

And Nano!

Currently we're hiding out at my house currently watching the third Harry Potter movie. I've recently become obbessed with the series.

The sixth movie promises to be the funniest. Now Emmie, remind me why I gave you full admin privledges again? o.0 I'm a little scared...

Heck if I know. But don't be surprised if the Blog changes because of the Emmie invasion! Mwuahahahaha!!!

Now I'm a lot scared....

Till morning! Bye guys!

~Emmie and Nano

1 comment:

Steph said...

*opens mouth to say something...*

*...decides she has nothing to say.*

*closes mouth.