Thursday, June 25, 2009


So today, Michael Jackson died.
It was like, "Wha'?"
So I was at my yearbook supervisor's house for a pool party/meeting, and her son, who's a year older than me, just walks in. We're all sitting there thinking yearbook thoughts, and he's like,"Hey Mom. Michael Jackson died."
And we're all,"What?????" And were kindof laughing in this awkward and shocked way. Then her son goes,"Why are you laughing it's not funny."
So, yeah. Then there was thing about how stars die in threes, because Ed McMann and one of the Charlie's Angel's died as well.

We had VBS this week and I love my crew. They're supposed to be second and third graders, but out of the five, two are going into kindergarden. But they are sooo good. They listen to me better than they listen to Miss Robin, who is the adult I'm paired with. But I'm doing a lot. Most of the work. Learning. Like, I feel like she's just there as a safety net, but I think I'm doing great.
Well, that's all for now. Luv ya!


Seth said...

i am SO helping out at my church's VBS and dragging jenn along. i don't care what she says.
aren't i such a great boyfriend?

Nano said...

Ha. Everyone had boyfriends at camp this week and they kept getting in trouble because no purple is allowed. Then it made me slightly depressed.