Friday, April 18, 2008


I went to see Expelled today, you know, that documetary Ben Stien made? Well, it was awsome. It was about Evolution and Creationism, and this thing called Intelligent Design. Did you know that people, teachers and professors at colleges and universities, are forced to resign because they mentioned Intelligent Design? I think that's messed up, big time. My brother kept wanting to throw books at them. This is what I thought: those big old scientists seem to think they're hot stuff, on fire, perhaps. Well, instead of "throwing books at them", which would only be used as fuel, grab a hose. :D Don't fight fire with fire, hose 'em down instead.



NP said...

Actually, the film's not been very honest with you. Nobody was forced to give up their job.
Crocker was on a part-time contract which was not renewed. It's not unusual for part-time faculty not to have their contracts renewed.
Sternberg never lost his job. He was still associated with the Smithsonian even after the scandal whereby he tried to sneak in his acquaintance's paper into the journal he was editing. Gonzalez was denied tenure, which basically means that the university did not see enough reason to give him a job for life - he was not fired or forced to resign.

Nano said...

That's what they said. Now, why do you say it's "dishonest"? I'm quite curious.