Monday, April 28, 2008

100 Degrees

I'm home early. Home sick. The school sent me home at ten thirty this morning with a temperature of one hundred degrees. Oddy, my body feels sick, like achy and sick to my stomach, but my brains all, Whhheeeee!!!!! Jump around!!! Sing!!! Dance!!! Completely oblivious. -.-^ So, yeah, anyway, I'm supposed to be working on my research paper for science fair. HA!!!! It's due friday. But I, my friends, shall be... on a field trip. Can't tell you where, in case creepo-stalker dude's read this thing. I'm not stupid. *Sticks tongue out at creepo-stalker dudes*

Pheonix: Ignore her. She gets dilusional and a little mental when she's feverish.

Your one to talk, you mental apperation, you.
I'm sad. I left Fred in my mom's car, and my dad got me from school :(



ruby said...

wow i was home sick to day too.

griffinrider said...

get well soon! and if you don't mind me asking, who's fred? i knew someone named Fred once, but he was a sneaker in a very bad condition. unfortunately, he was deceased shortly after i met him. i had the honor of digging his grave.

Spel it rite alredy said...

ER. You dug someone's grave? That's... kinda... I dunno. A little cool. A little weird. Did I say there was something wrong with weird people? Because I didn't.

Back to my catch-phrase: Everybody that read this should go see Um... please.

Nano said...

Fred is my i-Pod Nano. See the posts "Nano's Nano" and "Fred. The oh-so-clever Fred."