Thursday, April 17, 2008

I've been Thinking... Eyes.

Batten down the hatches!!!! Run for the Hills!!! It's a sign of the apocolypse!!! - Pheonix

Don't ask who Pheonix is. The icon explains all. *points to Bottom of post* Well, I've been thinking. About love and stuff. It just seem s like there's someone out there for everyone, 'cept me. I mean, the guy I like, he's not the cutest stuffed puppy on the shelf, but.... Well, when I look at someone, the first place I look, It's the eyes. You can tell a lot from just a person's eyes. Whether they respect you, want to be your friend, are nice, funny, and sometimes alittle dorky. If you look real deep you can even "see" their laugh. His eyes, they're just... beautiful. Brown, deep, with a green sun-ring and a freckle in his left eye. They always seem to be laughing, daring you to ruin his day, to try to bring him down. They're just... soulful.

And now I'm relly confussed, 'cuz when we went to camp in january, I sat next to him on the way there, and back, and we talked a LOT. But on the way back, the girls behind us, (which turned out, two of them had been cutting) were teasing him that he liked me, and he got all red and quiet. Then I thought of what we had done at camp together. We'd gone for a nice walk together during free time, just the two of us, up the creek. Climbing over rocks, jumping the water, exploring, just the two of us.

You can see how I'm confused. Now, when I'm ready to tell him I like him, I can't tell if he still likes me. Life Sucks.



Emmie said...

awwwwww. Life doesn't suck!! Life is fun! you should say Love sucks. That would fit better.

Love ya!


Nano said...

My life sux right now. too... zzz ... tired ... zzz ... to ... zzz ... 'splain... zzzzzzzzzzz