Saturday, April 12, 2008

Mullet Pride -The Emmie Invasion

i'm at Emmie's house , listening to KJ-52 (five-two, not fifty-two). He's a Christian Rapper, exept the current song is not a rap. It's... wait 4 it.....................

MULLET PRIDE!!!!!!!!!!
It's accoustic. Not rap. KJ rox. The magic 8 ball, however, does not. Emmie's playing with it. It called me a retard. *makes annoyed face* grrr... by the way, I asked it if Emmie, and her *almost* boyfriend would get married. It said yes. Stick that in your juicebox and suck it. Oh, brb, I'm gonna get a coke...

MWAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!! Emmie has invaded!!!!! (that's me! no flippin' duh) You stole my favorite saying that I never get to say!!! *Points to the juicebox* I made the Magic 8 Ball dizzy!!! MWAHAHAHA!!! It said that Nano doesn't like her *supposed* crush. hehehe. AHHH!!!!! Shes kicking me off the compooter!!!! Which is mine!!!!

Emmie!!! I go to get a coke, and you.... grrr. Emmie, you suk. grr (Emmie: But you still love me!!!) Emmie!!!! Go away!!!! Well, ur probably wondering who my crush is. Well that, my friends, is for another time.


Emmie said...

gee that was fun!!!


Anonymous said...

The majic 8 ball does NOT LIE!!! Emmie will marry Hawk, and, well, Nanoyouarearetard.

*runs off in fear of getting pounded with mallet*